Uday Kore

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Working with entrepreneurs, investors, and incubators is something I am enthusiastic about. Aided three government startup projects. worked closely with more than 60 start-ups, 15 investors, and 20 incubators. Taught more than 200 management students. Partnership affiliation with more than 30 businesses. 7 years of professional experience in a variety of fields, including incubators, IT, B2B insurance, digital marketing, and agriculture business management. Excellent expertise in business development, farm business, government project management, digital marketing, promotion, branding, marketing, and sales. Developing and experiencing a startup ecosystem with knowledge of intellectual property, business-to-business communication, and relationship management. At the financial services companies owned by Kotak Life, I directly collaborated with the CEO, Directors, HR Head, and Finance Head. (Sales to Companies) I've gained knowledge from organisations like Kisan, WNS, FarmBee, Agrostar, BharatAgri, Krishi Career, Orbiting, Tudip Technologies, DPU FIIE, and Kotak Life through volunteer work, internships, and full-time employment. collaboration on web services and digital marketing with more than 20 companies. ...Read More