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If you have the expertise and the passion to guide and mentor budding entrepreneurs, then becoming a mentor on Expertbells is the perfect opportunity for you. Join our community of successful industry leaders and help fuel the success of startups on our platform. With flexible scheduling and competitive compensation, being a mentor on Expertbells is a fulfilling experience both professionally and personally. So why wait? Sign up to become a mentor today!

Build your personal brand

Expertbells helps you build your personal brand by connecting you with industry leaders and offering their expert guidance.

Set your own hours and rates

Take control of your time and earnings by setting flexible schedules and rates with Expertbells.

Get project referrals

Discover new projects and take your skills to the next level with Expertbells. Our platform offers project referrals for top-notch mentors and aspiring professionals.


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What you need to have before becoming mentor

What you need to have before becoming mentor

Our mentors are the best of the best, sharing common traits that set them apart:

  • You should have a strong track record of practical industry experience. 

  • You should have excellent interpersonal skills and a welcoming demeanor. 

  • You should an abundance mindset and are proactive in your approach.

  • You should be driven by a genuine desire to help your peers.

At Expertbells, we are proud to have a community of exceptional mentors who are passionate about giving back and sharing their expertise.

With over 70% of our mentors volunteering their time, we prioritize quality over quantity and only work with the best to ensure our users receive the highest level of guidance and support. 

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Mentors interested need to fill out our comprehensive form that includes an evaluation of your social profiles, work experience, and professional achievements.


We will be evaluating your profile to ensure it meets our requirements. We will assess your problem-solving approach and technical capabilities to determine if you are the right fit for our team.


Congratulations on making it this far! As a next step, the founder of expertbells will personally reach out to you to solidify our relationship and ensure a seamless onboarding process.

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